Autumn, explosion of colors!


Autumn is transparency. The forest becomes transparent as well as the soul of the transcendence that inhabits it.

At this time, creation huddles in the secret embrace of mother earth, its content cannot be seen when we look only outside and as its content grows, its hidden potential awakens. Because a light is lit inside nature, where the promising seeds of life are housed.

If we look at the world from within with the ability to interpret external reality by understanding its meaning, then and only then can we say that we are reading in nature. We will see ourselves with greater depth and honesty, because we would be able to understand the inner operations of reality, thus enjoying even more the transience of life.

Therefore, it is essential to connect with nature, to perceive changes and cycles. The opportunity is before us, and are we ready for it?

Summer has been left behind and now the course begins again. Now, we spend more time at home enjoying its warmth.

The sap of the trees is withdrawn from the leaves and branches, and returns to the roots, just as we tend to receptiveness, to intuition and internalization.

Autumn brings us a festival of colors, reddish skies and rain that makes exquisite aromas sprout in the forest. We see the leaves and the flowers fall, but we also see that the fruits abound!

As if that were not enough, the reflection of all this explosion of colors creates exclusive effects together with the sunlight, forming tones and colors with unique combinations because they will never be repeated exactly.

Just like autumn, let’s continue with our own criteria, trusting our intuition and the signs we see in nature. Let us drop what is not necessary to reinforce our interior and prepare ourselves to be reborn in a transformed context.

We dedicate this blog to P&D Autumn 2021 edition. Enjoy it!