Clarity consists in knowing what you know


The ability to learn new skills in new contexts and with new applications, together with the flexibility to apply these tools in innovative ways, leads to creative opportunities and is essential for personal and team growth.

This individual elasticity is nothing other than the capacity for resilience, it is being able to strengthen ourselves and not only survive the stresses of the system.

Building a system that is flexible, yet sensitive and strong at the same time, comes from cultivating both the ability to slow down and the ability to speed up, because individual elasticity depends on developing abilities to generate a constant cycle, slowing down and speeding up over periods.

While different stages of life and studies may show a huge need for some practices, it is imperative that we have the ability to develop a set of speed-up and slow-down practices to resort to when the time comes.
We see how empathy, creativity, flexibility and perseverance are preponderant capacities for the development of our potential.

We feed our body and our mind through nutrients and rest, so also through growth and exploration we delight our soul. When they align, they complement and deliberately seek each other to reinforce with one another and thus the effect on the liberation of our potential increases. Because our soul rejoices knowing and recognizing what is the essence of our capacity for resilience and growth.

Simply freeing our potential is a process of unlearning and learning, being individual resilience crucial for developing in an unpredictable world. Because any job that can be standardized and done routinely is an ideal candidate for automation.

Life is full of limitless potential and new information can completely change our perspective on a situation. You must know yourself in essence by being able to see yourself objectively and you will see that clarity consists in knowing what you know.

All our actions are determined consciously and unconsciously by our level of clarity and at the level of essence there is only room for deep feelings. For this reason, as long as you do not align your feelings with your actions, you will not advance, because you will not have enough clarity to know what you know and feel what you feel in depth.

But don’t give up on your intuition. Simply realize that you have not yet done what is necessary to achieve it. Because you must know the difference between making a decision and going with the flow.