Decorate with pallets


If we want to give a special touch to our home, a nice alternative that has become very fashionable is to decorate with pallets since it helps us to dress all kinds of spaces.

Recycling is very present and with pallets it is simple to decorate the house, they are found in different sizes and therefore it is an ideal material to make different types of furniture.

They are usually made with very resistant wood which allows them to be used in both gardens and indoors, we can paint them in colors or just leave them naturally with a simple varnish.

If you like modern and simple, we can refer to the planters that fill each corner with life with freshness and color, quickly and comfortably to have our plants well maintained and protected. We can also accompany with a table quickly and at a low cost

With a little imagination, the pallets can become any piece of furniture you can imagine: a coffee table, a sofa, a headboard, a coat rack, a bookcase …

We just need some simple ideas and desire to start them, for example if we take advantage of the structure of pallet boards, which leaves gaps in the middle we can use it to make a shoe shelf. In this case it would be enough to stack several pallets, one on top of the other, until we reach the height we are looking for.

Breakfast in the kitchen is comfortable and practical. If you feel like having a secondary table in the kitchen, you can simply get one with pallets.

They are also great space organizers, for example a bottle rack or a chest of drawers, combining colors and materials.

Pallets are usually an excellent and versatile tool to make different elements to decorate your home, with this material you can build furniture and decorative objects with a lot of personality, with proposals that make this material integrate into your home in a unique and exclusive way.

If you join the trend and do it yourself, you will see that it will be much more fun!