Decorating ideas for small spaces


The living room is one of the spaces in which we spend more time throughout the day, but sometimes it is not very wide and we can get disinterested for the style in the decoration, overloading it and causing it to be neglected.

To provide a wider visual space, the ideal is to resort to sofas with compartments that, in addition to meeting their objective, offer additional space to remove unnecessary things from view.

The shelves are perfect to integrate them into a single wall, so that it occupies the entire surface without overloading the ambience, and to make its appearance lighter, we can use sliding panels.

Also the room dividers or artificial partitions are resources widely used in the decoration to provide spaces of greater privacy, as they adapt to different styles.

The central table can be a great ally when it comes to visualizing a large, tidy and cozy space, we can use a simple folding model in wood or a combination of standard wood with glass, in both cases we win in order, visualization , design and practicality.

Decorating an interior space with those we love is a fundamental pillar to enjoy a true home!