Expanding the joy in our home


It is a time that brings with it the hope of something new, creating moments of rejoicing for our family with love and responsibility, promoting an environment in which we all feel respected. This is how in this blog we introduce Matilda the new member of our family!

Coming home is knowing that a few minutes of care can make a world of difference.
Yes, this is how it happens, they run towards the door and jump on us and the enthusiastic welcome is enjoyed by all, they love it and personally I have a lot of fun watching the scene.

Hugs and kisses, simple but very powerful ways, is to let them know that they are valued and loved.
After the greeting with effusive joy, we all need a little time to relax. Relaxation itself is a priority and we have included it in our daily routine.

For example, laughter is the best way to release stress and it is also the best way to connect with each other to enjoy a calm and happy home.

In every family there are certain internal jokes, words or looks that cause us all to laugh. We all know that home is where the heart is, therefore, creating happy moments, giving space to each member, developing relaxation habits and laughing, are the ideal complement for living in a happy home.

Even when the outside world is immersed in chaos, we can achieve inner peace and therefore bring it in our home, because inner peace is totally independent of external circumstances.

We achieve this balance by focusing on the deepest needs, the needs of the soul. Because while the body seeks the transitory, the soul desires meaning.
The key is to focus on our goals, because our soul will not give up. Never.

So once again we savor the sense of shared happiness. Thank you Matilda for waiting for us, for choosing us and being part of our lives!