Family vacation


Love, dedication and commitment to our family is what accompanies us in every moment of our life and fills us with resistance and gratitude.

The holidays begin and when the family grows, our way of traveling also has to adapt, so that together we can enjoy each moment making from them constant and new emotions. This is how in this blog we introduce Danko the new member of our family!

In these vacations the intense days of tourism are over, because now we prepare the luggage in more detail and we plan the itineraries even more.

We discovered a new way of traveling enjoying and getting to know new places.
He is amazed looking at the simplest things and emotions are reawakened in us.

Because finding balance in life and being happy with what you do and have, is to have known gratitude head on and make it our master key.

It is important that we try to make the trip as bearable as possible to him, the car is great for privacy, but traveling by train has many advantages as well, besides a special magic that makes it even more enjoyable.
Also we do not find traffic jams, nor are there usually delays in departures and inside the train you can walk through the corridors to stretch your legs or go to the cafeteria.

With the arrival of good weather, what you want the most is to escape for a few days to disconnect and connect, right? So, what better way to do it than in family!

So once the family trip has been organized and planned, the only thing left to do is to escape on the trip to fully enjoy with our loved ones and the destination we choose.

This is the meaning of shared happiness.
Thank you Danko for waiting for us, for choosing us and being part of our lives!