From our roots


There are those who believe that we all have a soul. But in truth we do not have a soul, we are a soul and what we have is a body.

Because it is our essence, we are a soul before we are born and we are also after we die.

Therefore, the importance of nurturing it. How? Through special achievements that enrich it, strengthen it and allow it constant growth. Because true success lies in it, it is the home of our identity as a person, it is our true being.

One of the forms that our essence takes is speech, but this is nothing more than a bridge between dimensions. Because our purpose is revealed along the way, it is a challenge to discover it and actively engage from our roots to our sprouts.

We must always speed up and slow down, to allow us to develop knowledge that over time is consolidated with our purpose.

We must keep in mind that the value of practice in the long term is direction. Our purpose is our Pole Star, it is on the axis of rotation and that is why it never moves from its place. Everything else can change its position, but our purpose will not have moved.

When traveling, we see that the further south we are, the lower it will look, that is, closer to the horizon and when we are in the north, the opposite occurs, since it looks higher in the sky.

It is necessary to go through all the paths and all the dimensions, in order to perceive all the realities as we advance along the way. Always with a mobile and flexible point of view, in order to impregnate our soul with the best of each moment.

Because when we close our eyes and look inside ourselves, we will see that those wandering moments have been a fundamental part of our growth and our true success. The success of the soul.