Harmony and simplicity


Everything has a source where the meaning is found, the key is to allow ourselves to go beyond our perception of reality.

Our emotions and our consciousness are based on memory, the important thing is to acquire memories that have meaning, because within us we discover the strength to face a world where everything has a purpose.

For example, when resolving a conflict internally, it does not succumb to the domains of time and space, because it finds harmony on a timeless plane. Thus we realize that no external element affects us, because we do not have the need to enter the cycles of time and space to solve it.

All materialized movement is caused by something that is born inside, so the way to solve it is only possible in the exact place where it was generated.

As long as you don’t understand this concept by putting it into practice, it will provoke countless actions and reactions that will lead you to different situations, until you reach the internal resolution of the conflict.

But there is no growth without going through a process, so the more willing we are to live that process and outline it with a work plan for ourselves, the greater the result we will obtain.

We must first exist in order to later develop our individuality. Just like this month, let us be a bridge that connects, unites and establishes a relationship between two distant points, attracting the uniqueness in all things.

Harmony and simplicity are rooted in simplicity of thought. Each one at each step has its own challenge and proof that to overcome, and recognizing the teaching and value of the path is to know that the person we are on the day of our death is the maximum possible statement about ourselves.