How far can critical thinking reach?


If we call our left foot sincerity and our right foot security, we will say that both, in unison, give us confidence and thus the ability to walk clearly without stumbling. But let’s not stop here and look further, confidence also gives us the ability to speak without stammering, which corresponds to stumbling for feet.

Let’s encourage critical thinking, let’s sow questions so that others can find their own answers. For example, when we read let’s ask the text what is not written. Life itself is more about questions than answers

Critical thinking tries to doubt the statements that surround us in everyday life until we ourselves can give them truth or, on the contrary, ignore them.
It helps us create our own identity, acquire knowledge, improve our theories and strengthen arguments.

It also promotes presentation and language skills, improving the way we express our ideas. Because by analyzing the logical structure of texts you also improve your comprehension skills.

Critical thinking is the quintessential companion of creativity. Finding a creative solution to a problem means not only having new ideas, but also making them useful and relevant to the task at hand. Playing a crucial role in evaluating new ideas, selecting the best ones and modifying them if necessary.

It is essential for self-reflection, because in order to live a meaningful life and structure our lives accordingly, we need to reflect on our values and decisions. Provides the tools for the self-assessment process.

Ask yourself basic questions, sometimes an explanation becomes so complex that the original question is lost. To avoid this, it is necessary to look for the simple solution and ask yourself a series of basic questions when solving the problem.

Be aware of your mental processes, then try to reverse things by evaluating existing information and above all think for yourself, do not focus so much on reading so that you forget to think for yourself, sometimes this can be your most powerful tool .

Finally, nobody thinks critically 100% of the time. Critical thinking is a tool that must be implemented when making important decisions, but it is not necessary to think critically about everything.

It is important to advance to the future always looking at our past, because there is a link that is established between the past and the future. This look towards the past is not understood as something condemning, because one must innovate, because it is useless to just repeat what has been learnt, one must innovate through the critical look of the past and, above all, the present.

This can be seen as a certain irreverence and questioning of the conventional, but questioning and criticism is the motor activity of our creative essence and the way we have to face the world.

Questions are our roots and ignorance should have no place. How far can critical thinking reach?
Very far, because it crosses time and revolutionizes history.