It is possible to operate symbolically


Symbolic thought is the ability that allows us to create and handle mental images, they are symbolic representations of reality that go beyond direct contact with the environment.

We mentally represent reality through images and substitute objects, and then when desire and imagination come together the results are wonderful.

We have a constant potential to learn and grow, it is up to us to use it consciously, knowing that the symbolic concept transmits us simplicity and tranquility during the process to understand the transition from one dimension to another.

In conclusion, a symbolic variable is an object that represents an unknown and thus can take any value. Therefore, an operation involving one or more symbolic variables inevitably returns a symbolic expression.

Finally, and translating the above, we have that our actions and our wounds are evaluated and counted with a single purpose, that is to get closer to the destiny for which we were born.

Everything in nature is relevant because everything has a purpose. If we take responsibility for what we accept without ignoring what we don’t want to see, we will be accepting responsibility for our life and then nothing can stop our growth.

This honest, upright acceptance leads us instantly to a broader perspective, because we are allowing more reality to enter our perception.

Knowing that we are responsible for our actions moves our soul to act more deeply and this transforms us.

Therefore, the first thing to consider in order to do this is to move our lives in the direction of the desire of our soul. Consequently, our self-esteem rises.

Because the more self-esteem we have, the more clearly we see our life and the impact of our decisions, and the ability to maintain self-control helps us make better choices. Therefore, we are responsible for our satisfaction with life.

Let’s conquer the challenges that life presents us without paying attention to what they will say, this is finding balance in life. It is being happy with what we do and with what we have, it is living in constant gratitude for being ourselves, because it is the effort what makes the achievement ours.