Let’s use subtlety to preserve our inner voice


If we evaluate this time as one of return and redefinition, we will be able to discover who we are and persevere in who we want to be.
It is about directing ourselves towards something outside of our routine and expanding our mind allowing the passage of new ideas.

Developing our abilities to achieve what we want is to prepare the ground for the inspiration that will come later.
Interesting moments in life only last a moment and the challenge is not to lose them and capture them in brilliant ideas.

By expanding our comfort zone, we do not have to choose between comfort and anxiety, as there is a third zone mediating in our favor, it is the learning zone and that is where we become more adaptable.

Every day is an opportunity to re-establish our perspective and try again, thus we must master self-discipline very well.
No matter how much and well we plan our development, there will always be surprises and true success comes from learning to navigate those unexpected changes, keeping our attention on what really matters and what we need to achieve to sustain it.

Then, with a clear understanding of the challenges we face and with the determination and perseverance to overcome them, we will reach the goals.

Let us use subtlety to preserve our inner voice, as it emerges to guide our life in the world of action. In this way we also take care that our material world does not darken, because together with our inner voice it will illuminate, fuse and grow with the mediating energy of receiving and giving.

Because more than saying it is about listening, paying attention to the inner voice that confronts us with ourselves, learning to listening with the eyes and seeing with the heart. This is how we produce the seed of our actions, because the purpose behind each action can completely change its meaning.
The more we learn, the more we evolve, because each one of us reaps what they sow. Neither more nor less.

This month invites us to the vision of our own inner being, so that we advance learning to be fair with ourselves and with others; to evaluate ourselves objectively and sometimes harshly, but with capacity for grace and empathy.

The when is often as important as the what. Therefore, when making a decision we should never ignore the inner voice, because it is based on intangible experiences not limited by the here and now.

We have to understand that it is we and exclusively we who are responsible for our well-being. For this reason, when we do something we are proud of, let us internally savor that moment of satisfaction and recognize our own merits, because they are the direct result of knowing how to listen to our inner voice.
To achieve this, it is very important to learn to dialogue with ourselves, with total honesty and questioning.

During this month, stillness prevails, but let us remember that the action that precedes the flowering always takes place away from the gaze.
This is the time to build and strengthen the walls of our lives with gratitude, in order to fill our hearts and our vision with light.