Our life purpose


The Universe has an intrinsic order which remains full of beauty and in perfect harmony, but at the same time an immense layer of chaos coexists which, not being the same as disorder, generates a necessary imbalance. It is up to us to know how to observe and try to visualize its depth in order to recognize both aspects of the Whole.

This subtle approach is based on knowing how to appreciate the coexistence of chaos and order and that each of them has a particular, unique, special and irreplaceable purpose.
Knowing how to see these facts, hidden from the naked eye, is knowing and recognizing over and over again our ability to appreciate what exists under that layer.

But for many it is easier to attribute everything to chance, therefore, how you decide to focus your vision to guide you in life will simply depend on you.

We have the ability to battle the challenges that come from the darkest side, and at the same time we are able to remake ourselves over and over again, inspiring ourselves with the beauty that is right there. Because on that side, no matter how dark it may seem, there is beauty, there is light and through the thickest darkness we can also bring out our inner light and make it shine in a brighter way.

It is only about sharpening our vision every time we decide to penetrate our gaze into that superficial and apparently chaotic layer.

Every so often the Universe opens its doors to give us a message, certain signs that will help us resist and continue with our mission, to achieve what we have come to do here and now. It is up to us to choose to see or simply deny it.

We all have moments when we are left at the mercy of our own resources, that is when we know what we are made of and how much we are capable of doing to fight and continue forward. That is where we find our strength and even our destiny.

The most decisive, most transcendental events in our lives are hidden behind layers, which are nothing more than apparent coincidences, they have different names, some call them natural causes, others reduce them and label them as principles of political, religious o cultural order.

In other words, the events seem to unfold casually, but it is only by looking back that we can appreciate the orchestration of the score. Knowing how to appreciate is nothing more than knowing how to see by inverting the senses, listening with the eyes and seeing with the heart.

No matter how winding our path is, we can always cultivate and grow ourselves. We just have to generate our emptiness so that our path blooms again and again and thus rise to the occasion. Because if something is good you have to let it grow, this is where our inner growth, our personality, skills and feelings come into play.

Then, just like the fish, we will be submerged in the depths of our interior, there away from all eyes, because that is where the wonders of existence lie, on what is hidden from the naked eye.
Because our life purpose is our greatest achievement.