Personal Shopper Service

Real Estate Personal Shopper Service

Our specialization as Real Estate Personal Shopper allows us to find the right property for each buyer, getting the best combination of price, location and characteristics of real estate assets.

We provide complete legal counseling, together with a knowledge of the market and the purchase process.

We offer an integral service that covers commercial, technical, financial and legal management, saving you time and money.

Through a representation commitment we present an initial report to the buyer with the selection of chosen properties, including an economic, financial and tax analysis of the property.

We verify registration loads, urban qualification and technical characteristics of the building.

We contact financial institutions to obtain financing for both domestic and foreign clients, if needed.

We accompany you throughout the process, coordinating all aspects of the sale and contract closing.

Our Real Estate Personal Shopper services do not end with the purchase of the property, as we subsequently advise you on post-sale management, wealth management and property management.

We collaborate with real estate rehabilitation companies and coordinate the request for various budgets for renovation, rehabilitation and / or decoration.