Real Estate Services


Evaluation of the property and potential uses.
Appraisal of the commercial value of the property based on its best use and possibilities in the market.
Offering of the property to the market, through advertising and promotion programs.
Closure of operations with the corresponding supervision of notarial activities and calculation of income tax, if applicable.
Support in bank management determining the best conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan.


Search and commercialization of opportunities in different countries, through technical and professional experts in the market and in the fiscal and regulatory characteristics of each city.

As part of the integral service we offer, at Mayda Padrón Group we count with the support of a team of notaries, lawyers and architects in each city where we develop, providing our clients with the appropriate instrumentation within the corresponding legal framework in the different acts and contracts that are necessary for customer activity.


As real estate professionals, we advise, market and advertise properties in a personalized way, adapting to the requirements of each particular case.
Once the buyer is found, we negotiate and evaluate different possibilities for the mediation to be effective.
We offer transparency, security and peace of mind throughout the entire transaction process.

Our fees are 1.5% for properties managed in exclusive, and 3% for properties not managed in exclusive, based on the final sale price.