Recognizing the gifts we have and being grateful


Many times, life surprises and excites us, but so that these moments are not lost in oblivion it is important to capture them and translate them into amazement, so that in this way the energy of that experience stays with us forever and helps us to gain perspective, being able to resort to it as many times as necessary.

Astonishment frees us from physical limits, because without thinking it suddenly places us in a world of different dimensions and it is only a matter of letting ourselves be carried away towards that eternal beauty, which cannot be measured by time because all movement is in the present.
This is the true beauty, that of the timeless space where all events and movements are present. Let us learn from children for example that they are wise of wonder.

In this way our perspective expands, because we knew how to capture those magical moments that fill us with light and harmony and that have come into our lives to stay with us forever, because for them there is no time or space, it is only energy channeled into the precise instant of the right moment and in the correct dimension.

When we are amazed at ourselves, we give ourselves the opportunity to discover – and rediscover – our true potential, the one that is latent and waiting to be materialized.
The important thing is to stop looking at what we are, to focus our gaze on what we can be, because amazing things are reflections of the eternal and transcendent, just like the sound of the sea, the sounds of the forest, it is to be in contact with the content of infinity in every moment of our lives.

We achieve a new perspective, seeing new possibilities and discovering new dimensions. Our potential is waiting to be discovered and the amazement is to see that potential materialized, because by understanding the power of every moment we see that life is a constant amazement.

We discover that true joy comes from the pleasure of growing, from self-realization, it comes when we overcome a difficult challenge and when we experience moments of clarity. Joy is what results from turning every moment into a positive experience of growth.
Therefore, if we do meaningful things we will get more true joys, because when we look forward to something and the implication is deep, then and only then does eternal beauty become present.

By consciously enjoying what we have we discover true happiness, and our astonishment flows by itself as we feel that appreciating with the heart everything that life has given us, it surprises us, giving us even more.

Therefore, knowing how to recognize the gifts we have and being grateful is an essential part of the equation. Let us turn to the most valuable and value it, because knowing the secret of happiness is the most precious of all, since gratitude unifies everything.