The spiral transmits us movement


The decoration with spirals adds originality and elegance to your house interior.

With its shape and its beautiful optical game, it will eclipse both a living room with a minimalist style, as well as a contemporary one.

A spiral inspires us with an eternal constant, immerses us into a new cycle of change with new challenges.

In nature we observe wonderful forms and if we transcend their texture, scent and sound, we will appreciate that they represent the intangible in life, because they reflect the language of the soul, the language of what is true and eternal.

These patterns can be recognized throughout all nature, in each atom that makes us up, it is the meaning of the complete, unified life cycle that has no end.

All forms of nature can be returned to this simple concept, this is how the world is connected, as above, as below. For example, the galaxy is in a spiral of energy, like the double helix of the DNA on each cell.

Imagine transporting yourself to that dimension just by looking at an image on the living room wall, or visualizing this fusion by feeling in your hands a sea conch.

For example, a building with a spiral design ensures that all the apartments are open outwards, being able to create hanging gardens and leaving all the terraces connected uninterruptedly from the ground floor to the top, which would provide a wonderful view of the landscape in which it is located.

Let’s imagine the spiral seen from above but in one single dimension, that is to say on a flat plane, it would be like a circle that exists in itself, and then with a movement it creates its own copy.

We will appreciate the different dimensions, where each cycle is repeated but in greater depth, providing us with greater visual and union.

The spiral transmits us movement, the worst thing is to stay at the same place, to be alive is to change, to move. Let’s make room for the smallest changes and focus on them, because they are the ones that create momentum in the right direction.

Time moves forward and progresses through a cycle of seasons, each year we pass through them, the spiral model of time is simply perfect.
In each cycle we have opportunities to create, develop, correct, fall and get up.

But the important thing is to appreciate what is really valuable and make the right choices.

Our free will is free and as such has no impediments from the past nor the present, so we must think about what we want to do and where we want to go with our lives, in our new cycle.

Sometimes life sends us a situation to test the strength of our decision and we realize that the more intense the desire, the more chances there are of reaching an achievement. This empowers us and allows us to live a new cycle that is truly new, not only in name but in reality.