The transparency of our actions


The work of living is putting into practice what we know, adapting and overcoming adversity. This translates into the bravery of being reborn strengthened from our weaknesses.

In Japanese culture there is a practice in which broken pottery pieces are taken and repaired with a strong adhesive and gold powder, so that at the end of the process, the restored pottery is stronger and more valuable than it was at the beginning. Perhaps this exemplifies the beauty of resilience.

But it is not only about resilience to face and overcome problems, but also the ability to become a source of learning.

The ideal is to drive ourselves only by enthusiasm and to achieve this, many times we have to function in the opposite direction, because by putting things in their place, they will put us in ours.

Revealing situations always arise where we are put to the test and it is there that our authentic personality becomes evident.

If at any moment you stop, hesitate and do not know where you are going, just take a look back to see where you came from. You will feel that you caress your soul delighting yourself with the perfect imperfection.

The greater the doubt that we overcome, the greater the certainty that is revealed. But it is necessary to have a brave soul to face the doubt, being those difficult moments in our life the necessary test to gain certainty, because this latter does not depend on what happens outside.

The certainty lies in our level of inner connection, where the transparency of our actions keeps the secret of our plans.